Ghosted for a bad reason

Hi, I just got ghosted for a failure to execute a missed approach. I was too high on my approach because he didn’t vector me properly at all, and he told me to not exceed 200kts so I put my speed to 200, he kept telling me to not exceed 200, I wasn’t at all. I guarantee he was looking at my ground speed. So when he told me to execute a missed approach and he gave me heading and altitude, when I tried to turn, my plane stalled, note that I’m in a 777. So because my plane stalled, I had to straighten out and then I was at a lower altitude. Then he says “please check the forum for assistance you atc instructions.” Then he switches me over to tower. Tower, sees that I’m inbound for landing so they clear me to land. Then as I’m on short final, approach ghosts me. I feel like the ghosting was not for a good enough reason. I’m sorry that the aircraft that I was in is heavy and can’t go 200 knots without stalling. I’m sorry that you didn’t give me correct vectors. I’m sorry that your poor atc skills caused me to stall out, and then you ghost me for what you have done. I was grade 4, almost grade 5 I just needed a few more landing. And now, I’m grade 2 because of a lack of skill. If there is any way you can reverse this, or even look thru the replay, that’s would be great.

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Please contact the controller

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Please contact your controller via PM.

Tell us who it was if you don’t know their IFC Username and we’ll direct you to them.



Your guy is @TheInitialVirus

Thank you.

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