Ghosted by user

So about a few minutes ago I flew over EGLL in a A-10, I was at about 400ft AGL(I know that’s too low). There wasn’t any ATC there, but suddenly a message popped up saying ‘reported by user, ghosted’. Can’t you only get ghosted by ATC? I don’t understand! Is this normal or not? If this is not, can I perhaps get un-ghosted?

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Contact the user via PM

It’s easily possible that there was a mod watching the airport and they ghosted you. If you were 400AGL buzzing an airport that is to be expected.

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You can check to see who it was in your logbook. It’ll give you a name, who will be informed that they need to PM you.



If you are flying that low, over a crowded airport with aircrafts taking off/landing (like your screenshot show) - it is very likely you were reported by a user who has that ability (there are a selected group of users who can do that, in an effort to keep the server as professional as possible).