Ghosted by ATC

Hello guys,

I have an issue about being ghosted by the ATC although I followed instructions. Unfortunately the violation history doesn’t appear on the display.

It was on Grade 3 during an approach on Miami Intl. After I asked Miami Approach several times for approval to land on runway 9, which was ignored I contacted Miami Tower who told me to contact Miami Approach, which I did. After again ignoring my request to land on runway 9 I was told to change course and altitude. There was crossing traffic, the approach could have been allowed easily. But I followed instructions anyway. Now I had to set a new approach on the ILS which I did. But accidently I forgot to turn of AP during setting a new flight plan so the plane startet to turn right after I confirmed. Instantly the ATC told me to change course back to 90° which I did. But then I got ghosted.

Would be nice to get a response for that. I’d like to know why the ATC ghosted me and I got a level 3 violation.



Plane callsign: Quality 420 Super, Flight from Chicago to Miami

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Can you go into your logbook or your replay and find who reported you. This will help us find your controller.

You need to PM the controller and you can find their details on the violation record in your logbook. Discussion in public is not appropriate. Include @appeals in your PM if necessary.

@AviationReports is your controller, please message him for a detailed response. Thank You.


He’s TL0, he cannot PM - @12njn1 I will set up a PM between you and the controller.

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@12njn1 I have set up a PM between you and the controller - you are free to talk to them there.

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While reaching out to the controller is nice, it is not always required. It is preferred that those wanting to contest a violation on the expert server message the appeals group, as those are the only people who can take action on the issue. Also, unlike PMing other users, there is no trust level requirement to do this.