Ghosted by ATC after applying takeoff thrust

As I was flying from Lukla to Kathmandu earlier today, I applied takeoff thrust and was asked to contact tower which I tried to do before rotation and requested takeoff (no idea why) and was ultimately ghosted by ATC upon rotation and I’m looking to get it reversed, if anyone can help out then that’ll be great, thanks :)

  • Dan
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Can you check your logbook and tell us who your controller was?

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Hey, please send a PM over to @reports. A staff member should be able to help you from there.


It was IG ktaviation :)

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I have done after you said that, thanks! :)


@ktaviation can help sort it out with you via PM.

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Hey! I thought we had resolved this on Instagram when you contacted me, after I explained how you taking off into active traffic without permission wasn’t going to be accepted.

I’ll start a PM and add a mod, they can review your case :)