Ghosted by Alex W

I would like to see a review of this ghost please. This is my first ghost in over 3 years of being a Live subscriber. I think the controller was unaware of my intentions and mistook my actions. Maybe it was miscommunication on my part. Following the guidelines provided in this topic, here is the information regarding the ghosting:

As you can see in this picture, I was cleared to land 26R and on short final when the controller asked for my intentions? I then requested to be cleared to land on 26R again since I had given him my position in the pattern after the first clearance. He then gave me a warning after I conducted a go-around because I was not cleared to land a second time.

Shortly after, I requested a change to 26L since there were two aircraft already cleared to land on 26R. But the controller did not seem to like this. I would really appreciate if I was told what I did wrong.

If any more information needs to be given, I’d be happy to provide it. I’d like to hear what I did wrong, or get this sorted out. Thanks!

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I was there. He told to go behind the traffic on right base 26R… you asked for 26L…tower (Alex) said unable, you told Alex you were on right base 26L which would of put yourself right in front of me. I was on final for 26L Yeah, Alex was in the right to ghost you!


I thought there was plenty of spacing to request a change to 26L. Which runway were you cleared for? Because when I looked on the map you were beyond the ILS triangle. I still don’t understand what went wrong, sorry.

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Your request was denied. So instead of your saying your on “right base 26L”… you should of just followed the traffic for 26R. It’s doesn’t matter if there is enough spacing. You were told to go to 26R when you decided to go 26L.


Oh ok, but it was denied when I was in the middle of the turn and I was going very slow to prepare for landing. I initiated a missed approach and was planning to fly a left downwind.

Ok yes… bottom line, you were told to land 26R… you decide you was going to land 26L… ahhhh 👻

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Oh I thought you were cleared for 26R. Anyhow, 7NM is plenty for an aircraft to slot in halfway down the ILS, no? I realise what I’ve done wrong looking back, but in the situation I was unaware of what was going to happen. And yes, I was in the middle of going around to slot in behind the traffic when I was ghosted. I assume I was ghosted only because I had two warnings? The first warning I feel was unnecessary considering I was waiting on a second clearance to land. I appreciate you taking your time to tell me what was happening on your end.

You would have cut in front of the aircraft on final with not enough separation. If he wasn’t there I would have approved your request

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I suppose that thread isn’t all that clear about the main point:

This should be done via PM. (You did provide a wealth of info, so that’s cool, just PM Alex)

Yes, I could not find the controller :)

We have been talking. I am the controller


Yes I have found him, thank you :)

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