Ghosted by a App VHHH

As I take off from VHHH runway 07L for LFPG.

I followed the VHHH charts, the problem being that an IFATC ghosted me for nothing he made me 2 warning turned HDG 060 what I followed but 2sec after that it ghosted.

I find it unjustified

Contact @anon66442947 please, as he was the one who ghosted you.


Hi Jeremy,

During active ATC you are required to follow all instructions given by the controller, regardless of your flight plan. Looking at your screenshot, it seems you turned right immediately after departure, which would be considered as not following instructions especially if straight out departures was on the ATIS.

As stated by Dylan, contact Tom (tagged above) and discuss your ghost with him.

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That is the reason why you were ghosted.


If you wish to discuss it further, message me directly

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No, i respect the instruction.

Just for future reference, does straight out departure mean you can turn within 15 degrees of the runway heading unless parallel departure?

Remain straight out until there is no conflicting traffic. It was very very busy with departures and arrivals


The ATIS stated straight out departures which means you must follow the final the begin your fight plan

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@Trio stated this

A straight out departure typically means you stay within the limits of ±15 degrees heading from the centre line of the runway.

In simplest terms, a straight out departure means you must fly runway heading until the end of ils cone (10nm after takeoff). If there is a departure controller active, you will have to continue following ATC commands until you are specifically instructed to resume own navigation. In the case of no departure ATC, the tower will issue you a frequency change approved command, which automatically means you are now cleared to continue your flight plan as filed.


Well I made a mistake by wanting to follow the charts. what am I stupid 🙃🙃.
I did not have the thing I was postponing too quickly, I did not have time to react. watch my HDG at 320. So I repected the instruction

Btw Tom vectors you after takeoff.He isnt like usual controllers who just tell you proceed on course.Just a tip

Maybe I make a mistake but I followed the instruction

Please take this to a PM if you would like to discuss it more by PMing @anon66442947. Even though he already replied above.

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