Ghosted but no reason

Hi guys. Yesterday I was flight between LFPG and EFKH on the Expert Server, and actually there was a lot of antoher users on the EFKH ground.

I perfectly land, turned to Ground ATC and was taxiing to parking. I had to cross runaway 22L so I asked permission to the ATC and he asked me to contact Tower (I supposed it was for the runway crossing). I asked and was cleared to cross the runway by Tower, then I was just taxiing to parking (I was already cleared to taxi). And while I was taxiing to my gate, I was ghosted for “Taxiing on grass”. I never was on grass and I only followed taxiways (also using charts).

This ghost made me back to the Grade 2 while I was Grade 3…

Does somebody help me about that ?

Thank you in advance guys !

Who was the controller that reported you? Can be found in the logbook as well.

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Contact the controller via PM and look in your logbook to see who it is

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Thank you guys, it was Manny G…

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@MannyG is who you should contact.


Ok thank you so much !

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While you are at it, I suggest you read this.

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