Ghosted at 15ft

@Neeson52 it’s a little unfair you ghosted me at about 15ft because I didn’t go around. You quite frankly didn’t give me enough time to make the procedures to go around. Upon landing the aircraft had left the runway anyway. Go through my logbook and you will see I don’t create trouble. Sorry for the public post but I can’t seem to message you direct.

Hey, could you contact @reports group?

Other option is to look in your logbook and tell us who is your controller

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You should PM @Neeson52 rather than post publicly. If you can’t PM yet @Neeson52 will PM you.

He tagged the controller at the top

If you people can read he can’t PM anyone as he is TL0

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Lol sorry I did not see :(

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All good no stress :)

No discussion needed. Controller will PM the OP.

I’ll pm you