Ghosted and reported while crossing runway

I was taxing to runway 1L on expert server but the line was to long so I decided to taxi to runway 1R. So I contacted ground and told them that I was gonna taxi to another runway to take off. As I was doing so ground said “cross to runway 1R” as I was crossing another 737 cut me off and I had to press my brakes, but as I did that I got a notification saying that I got ghosted and got reported for crossings runway without permission when ground gave me permission. Can someone plz help me out with this. I can screen record the replay if that’ll help out

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Share the replay, that will help out. PM the controller if you think it was a mistake.
I’m not sure if I misunderstood but did you brake on the runway?

Take a look at your logbook to see who ghosted you, then tell us who it is and we will notify the controller.

Check log book to see who ghosted you

Or he can contact the controller

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He is TL0, he can’t PM.

So we need to tell the Controller to contact him.

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Please send a screenshot of the log book and I’ll set you up with the controller

Ok everyone the same thing is being repeated now.
Just wait for the OP to give us the controllers name


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Yes I braked on the runway to avoid hitting another plane that cut in front of me the. IFATC is B787Fan I screen recorded the replay but it isn’t letting me attach it to this reply but here’s the logbook

@B787fan is your controller. I tagged him so he will PM you


I’ll make the PM for you if you need me too.

No need for that, B787Fan will PM him.


Controller is aware and will contact the pilot when able.