Ghosted after a flipped Cessna on landing

So i was landing a Cessna 172 and i was ghosted for “aerobatic maneuvers” on the expert server and lost my grade 4


Contact @moderators to discuss report appeals if you feel this is a mistake.

Ah, alrighty i’ll close this then (how do i do that)

By the looks of it, you received violations, not a ghosting. Feel free to contact @appeals if you’d like to discuss it.

You can flag it for closure if you wish :)

Oh, its just a violation but i was ghosted for said session automatically, it will only cause me to be at grade 3 for a week, so its alright


Ok and…?

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Everyone, lets avoid being an echo and repeating each other. It’s been answered, no need to remind him every 20 seconds.


You clearly weren’t responding to me, please look at the original poster @BostonStrongWill.

Take it to a PM. Let’s not fill up the thread with an argument about which reply button they pressed.