Ghosted - a personal experience

I just read a post in which a pilot was complaining about being ghosted (and I read a couple more others). Most of the times, the pilot is frustrated, to say the least, others might join in the conversation and after a few more replies the thread is closed. We might not know how everything ended up. So I’m going to share what happened in my case.

I worked to get to Expert Server. Finally was there. I did a couple of flights, all good. During the time it took me to get to ES, I read as much as possible, watched/studied the tutorials trying to get ready for ES experience. So after a few flights, I decided to join a busy airport (at that time was Amsterdam). So I choose a Cessna Citation, an airport close to EHAM and was really excited about this. I took off and in 30 seconds I received a report. No warning, no nothing. BOOM!

No need to tell you that I was frustrated. Not so much because I got the report but because I didn’t understand why. So I went to the forums, read some more, decided to post my complain and waited.

In a very short time people pointed me in the right direction, told me to get in contact with the IFATC which gave me the report. I did that, got in touch with @Adam_Macaulay and I got into a polite and respectful conversation. He explained clearly what happened, what were his reasons for doing so, why he didn’t warn me, answered every question I had and pointed me to a mod which he thought will be most helpful. After a few more replies with @Levet, the report was lifted.

Mistakes will be made by pilot (as was in my case) and ATC’s, no one is perfect or infallible. We are all here to learn and enjoy. A polite and teachable attitude (from both the pilot and the ATC and in my case Adam was one of these people) will get us further away than accusations and name calling.

So I encourage you to give a chance to a polite and teachable attitude when find yourself in these kind of situations.

Fly safe!


Being reasonable and polite while discussing it will go a long ways ,believe me.


I love this post. It made me happy just reading this.

Good to hear you handled your report well, in a respectful matter. I’ve never had a ghosting complaint (surprisingly…) but I feel as if the person inquiring about their report handled it the way it sounds like you did, it would go over much better.

We’ve all seen the posts. “I’m Grade xx and I want my report to be removed now and here’s why!” However, if more of them were seen as a teaching experience, I think they’d go over better.

Have a great rest of your day/night and fly safe!


Great post! Hopefully kindness and respect becomes the standard here on the forum. We all have our mistakes but as long as we treat each other respectfully we’ll all end up ok!


This is very formal way to do. Good thinking @David_Fresneda and Welcome to the Community.


Politeness and respect and most importantly understanding go a long way. In all honesty I used to be afraid to go on expert as I was scared of IFATC ghosting me. Little did I know 1 year later I am excited to go to airports they control. They are respectful and professional. When there is an issue like me hearing them and not being able to hear me they help me understand why as best as they can.


Like a week or two ago I was flying a Cessna 172 at OERK I was doing pattern work I was cleared for the option I was number two in line but the there was no aircraft approaching the airport within 50 nm so I took my clearance went for touch and go and the IFATC that was controlling the tower reported me for takeoff / landing with out clearance even though he was the one that cleared me and he never revoked that clearane Idk his name on here but his name in game was Ethan H that might be @Ethan_Hansen but I’m not sure but I do know that that ATC decided to troll me by ghosting me for no reason oh and this was on my first day on the expert server


Ethan H is @Ethan_Hansen.

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Ok thanks for that clarification

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Thank you for this post! Like @Kate_Russell, I still remember the first time I went on Expert I got so afraid that I would just be put back down to Grade 2 or even 1 right away. And eventually that actually did happen when I got ghosted for the first time! But I have really began to learn about learning from my mistakes, and leaving them in the past. And now, I’m barely scared at all, it’s actually really fun now!
For those worrying about being ghosted or reported, don’t be worried. Just stay calm, and do your best and one day, being on expert will be easy peasy lemon squeezy🍋


What a great post @David_Fresneda - unfortunately the community hardly ever gets to see how a ghost complaint was resolved. I am glad you shared your story. Every ghost has a reason, every single one - however, as you pointed out very well - everyone makes mistakes, and approaching a moderator and/or controller in a polite and open way is the best way for everyone to have a positive experience.

Side note: great profile picture!


A couple of weeks ago, I myself was ghosted. After talking with @GHamsz about my mistakes in a peaceful and respectful matter, he lifted the report. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of respect and understanding that you sometimes may be at fault too.


Thank you for the kind words and I hope that your positive outlook will resonate through the community. We all started somewhere and it’s with great experiences like this where knowledge is shared and knowledge is gained from a positive mindset and a strong willingness to learn.

See you in the Expert Server Skies!


Funny story about my first time with IFATC. They were controlling tower and I asked to land and they responded. When they gave the all clear I panicked and quit the flight because I was coming into steep, lol. I later when to KLAX on training just after. When I was about to land I had one plane pull into the runway and another taking off in the opposite direction. I realized if I stayed on expert I would have successfully landed with order being in control. Now I view training server as chaos server and expert server as order and discipline.


I also had similar experience. I was ghosted for taxiing on not a taxi way. I already was grade 4 and so i had experience. Some weeks before I started to fly always in current time but his was the first when there was no moonlight and visibility was unexpectedly…hmmm dark. I tried to follow lines on the ground but they turned out to be borders of some building or such but definitely no taxiway. I switched to external view to analyse the situ wen booom… ghosted.

I started a thread here which before being posted was read by the admin who directed me to the IFATC who ghosted me. We had a very good discussion. All very polite and respectful. My problem was taken very seriously. I also got screenshot mare in daylight showing where i eas taxiing. The issue was solved. I also told the guy that this was unexpectedly good communication. It should be taught for all who is dealing with customer service. So thx IF again and keep up this spirit!


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