I was ghosted for “interfering with other plane”.
I took off from a very close airport to an active one.
It seems I was interfering with planes on final while I was at 6000 ft. I had no warning from Atc no nothing. Just a ghost when I was 10000ft for interfering.

I wrote to the atc who ghosted me… seems he cant do nothing. He says I shouldnt take off from a close airport to an active aiport apparently.

What dhould i do ?

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If you have already contacted the ATC Controller and discussed your report, then it is final. You will have to wait seven days until your report will expire and grant you access back to the Expert Server.

Wait a week for the ghost to expire. If the controller says your ghost is justified, then there’s nothing you can do but wait.

And if he is wrong ?

The day the A330 was reworked I was able to get my ghost removed even though I was in the wrong for this exact thing. I recommend contacting him. Nice guy

Planes on final are 3000 ft not 6000 ft

You can always add a moderator into your Private Message if you fail to agree with the Controller. If the moderator agrees with the controller, then there is nothing you can do at that point.

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There is something that you can do. Ask politely for it to be removed by a Air Traffic controller in the higher ranks. This was mentioned on a live stream 3 hours ago.

How could I bother… he could ask me to change my way or let me know something was wrong before to ghost me

If it’s as busy as it was, chances are he didn’t have time to deal with someone not following the apparent logical thing to do. Don’t takeoff into the arriving aircraft next time. It’s a learning experience.

I did very politely

Well then if he has already responded and said no you really can’t do anything about it.

How can I add a moderator ?

Ask a community member to get you into a pm with a IFATC Moderator. I can’t do it right now as I got go go.

??? Really ???

PM me and I’ll take a closer look at it.


Yes, really. I’m not the controller, but if I were in the situation where I’m dealing with 20 other aircraft, I’d rather not have someone distracting me by doing something wrong.

You can certainly use airports that are near active airports as long as you don’t interfere or there is a NOTAM prohibiting doing so. It’s ultimately your job if you weren’t with ATC to not run into other aircraft, that responsibility comes with using the expert server.

Hi Tom sorry for taking some of your time but I really need help.
Here is the are the screeshots

He will add you to a Private Message with Tom and a Moderator, as you wished. Let’s end it here. Have a good day!