Ghost without reason

hello, recently arriving to newark a boy ghost me for no reason then, I can’t find his profile in the community, will anyone help me?

Iam FedEx 23

Please contact @MannyG.

Is that manny G?

Yes, he was the controller.

Thanks men

If you want to contact the controller who ghosted you: Go to your logbook --> Press on the flight where you got ghosted --> Tap on Flight Details. You should get the username of the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controller who ghosted you and it also initially says why you were ghosted if you ever want to find out who ghosted you for whatever reason.

All IFATC are required to have IFC accounts so you can most likely find their IFC account by searching their IFC username.

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Please remember the most important thing when you fly on Expert Server, the ATC never ghost you without reason.

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It’s already answered y’all

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