Ghost will not erase after 1 year? CLOSED?

So my brother is the one that is using my account and now that it has been a year and I want it back. Once I got it back, I saw that is has 5 ghostings and I was really fustrated. I know the day when I bought the membership and It has clearly been more that a year and I want to be grade 4 again. Can anyone help please?

Are you sure its been exactly one year? By the hour and the minute?

You can check in your logbook to make sure.

@Hamza.N, did you read the question?

@CessnaHeavy, unfortunately ghosts will not be removed because a brother used the account. The ghosts stay for the period of one year, after 365 days from the time of being reported (exactly), the report falls off in terms of counting towards your stats.

The title says “Ghosts will not remove after 1 year?”.

Like you just said, the ghosting drops off after exactly 365 days.

12/7/2018 has not been a full year…


I know it has been more that a year because I joined June

Reports don’t fall off after a year from membership, the time they affect things is related solely to the time they occurred.

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I said June 30, 5/30/18

Not to be pedantic or anything, but that would be 6/30/18, not 5/30/18.

Actually it’s in 2 years

When you joined.

And I said:

When you received your first report.

The grade table isn’t referencing the date you joined on any row.

The rows related to reports which would affect your grade are referencing the dates of the individual reports, so if you look back 365 (or 730) days from now, you still have 6 reports.

On December 7, 2019 your first report will not be within the last year (it will still be within the last two, obviously, depending on what timeframe is prescient.)


@Tim_B has really explained it.

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Alright guys! Thanks for all of the help, I got it all coverd and understand now! :)