Ghost touch

Since the most recent update I’ve notice something strange happening. The camera view would switch on it’s own and a few night ago, the AP got disabled and my flight crash. I have removed the iPad from the case and ensure the screen is free of any debris but it still happens. Reinstall the app and done a factory reset.

Does this happen when IPad plugged on charging?

The AP deactivating might be caused by too high altitude or too low airspeed. Starting your cruise at a lower altitude and step climbing might help to fix this issue. I can’t explain why the camera would be changing by itself however.

Yes it does

Go back into the replay and look at what happened

This wasn’t the case. I watched the replay

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I was flying the a319 and I went into bad weather Forgot to look at the weather and my autopilot disconnected and I went straight into a mountain and I couldn’t pull it up

There was no bad weather in my situation.

Hey there, is your iPad is having a cracked / damaged screen?
Also, what type of iPad are you using currently? How old is your device?

No cracked or damaged screen. iPad pro 2016

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Is your iPad updated to the latest iOS version?

Make sure this does not happen on any other apps, my old phone and Ipad has done this previously

It only happens when plugged in charging?

Ghost touches due to electric fluctuations, either it could be bad charger or not gunine charger.
Could be just the cable, Try if it fixes.

Ok I’ll try a different charger see if that fixes it

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