'Ghost' (system ghost) after following ATC instructions


I talked with my VA and found the problem, my connection dropping, but there should still be a fix to this problem. I was told to LUAW, so I did, and I waited, until I got the top box (vio. warning). Panicking, I sent a duplicate message (bad). Then I got a ‘ghost,’ which was just a violation. Because this was a system ghost, the controller is uninvolved.

Photo 1: violation/ghost

Photo 2: ATC log

Could this be reversed?

Callsign at the time: Cathay 22
Callsign now: BAVA330
Display name: BAVA - Andrew

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That does seem to be an error with the app, as it shouldn’t issue a system ghost or runway idle warning when ATC has informed you to line up and wait.


Hey there! I think it is a system bug, because you were told to LUAW, so it shouldn’t ghost you. It can be reversed, its all up to the Moderation Team, so can you please leave your Callsign and Display Name to make to easier for the Mods? Thanks!

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That has nothing to do with this issue. It’s not listed on Jason’s post.

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That’s why I deleted it, but I tought it was this problem:

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Its fine. We all make mistakes here on the IFC.

I acknowledge that I sent you to LUAW. From what I can see, there isn’t any issue on your side, neither mine. I will talk it over with a mod, stand by.


The report has been removed. Seb told me that it is most likely an issue with the app. Apologies for any inconvenience and happy landings!


Love the Live replay for pilots and ATC. Must be certainly easier. 👏

@andrew236 - Can you pull the replay file for this flight and send it to support@infiniteflight.com? It would be of great help.


As far as the new msgs being displaying warning of an impending system violation subject to ghosting for either an airspeed violation or in the above incident like aircraft idle …is there a set number of secs the pilot has to respond…and how does runway idling differ from runway blocking at an uncontrolled airport

Speed violations are set up with 20 second intervals. Warning for 20 secs, then the first violations, 20 seconds later you receive the second and so on.

I don’t have the runway idle timeouts available right now, but i can look it up when able!


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