Ghost spotted at NZAA Approach

Hello world, I ran a good 2+hrs of Auckland T/G earlier and at one point I saw nzaa approach open so I clicked on nzaa on the map to see who was working approach and this is what I saw:


Is it just a glitch in the system that made it so there was no name or was a ghost covering approach??

I’m not surprised they prefer to control New Zealand! Isn’t it DeadEnd ;) . Anyways if ghost ghost me am I allowed to cry on the forum?!? I don’t wanna be ghosted for eternity :D

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I hope so lol, that would be an entertaining one to read for sure;)

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I think when people use emojis in their display name it shows up like that

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It was 100% a ghost.
The developers aren’t realy doing the a350 or the xcub, No they are implementing invisble Ghost controlers that give you vectors leading straight into Mountains where you will crash and become one of them.
Message to the people:Enjoy the few days you have left before you get “Ghosted” .

This is 100% real informstion that is to be taken seriously.

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Please don’t say 100%. Maybe say 99.9%

You are guaranteeing something that isn’t true

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