Ghost myself...

Before i get ‘why not just play offline rather than live’ I’ll detail my issue :p

This comes off the back of several ‘emergency landing’ type threads - as I’ve had similar situations (low battery/going out and poor time management ;) ) where I need to land soon and would like to land rather than abandon - once had a long flight, when approaching the destination i was told ‘not accepting incoming traffic’ - so rather than a mayday message (which would get abused) I’d like to be able to take myself out of live without ending the flight (effectively, ghosting myself so I can land without messing up my plans).

Since ghosting is already in place, I wonder if this could be an easy adaption (even if used infrequently)?
Feel free to disagree, but thought I’d see what people think :)


This is a pretty good idea for people who fly with time constraints and other factors. It would be kind of strange as a controller to see a plane approaching your airport disappear when it is almost about to land.


Quick solution - Just turn off wifi or mobile data and you will have no connection and not visible to others!


If they tell you not accepting incoming traffic just divert to another airport

But… others won’t appear to you, which kind of defeats the idea of ghosting. Might as well fly in solo for that.


When you have low charge or you have to go somewhere else quickly?

Thinking deep,
Entries are denied mostly on the Advanced Server -> Advanced ATC can ghost -> But continue ignoring the instructions and cut the line -> You can get ghosted.

After getting ghosted you can see other planes and land in a “Live” environment.

I like the idea of turning the wifi off in order to ghost yourself. But wouldn’t you lose all the XP for that flight, where if you just ended the flight you would still retain the XP gained?


Don’t encourage people to get ghosted though. Advanced ATC would quickly become annoyed at the amount of pilots not following directions. The rules are there, and intentionally having ATC ghost you is a waste of their time, and an annoyance to others…

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Hmm good thinking - didn’t think of disconnecting - guess I’m not too bothered about the xp as few and far between, so would probably work for me :) (that or practice my emergency ‘ditch into the sea manoeuvre’ ;) )

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Sounds right to me, shouldn’t have told. My Bad.

No problem!

Lol, emergency button.

Flight 1: Declaring an emergency, requesting fire and emc at runway 27.
Atc: Flight 1 please land at runway 27.
Flight 1: Unable.


Your right that would be spammed a lot!


Personnaly, if i have low battery or want priority to land, i’ll change my nickname and callsign :
username : Low battery
callsign : TSK7770.

But its very rare.

and ATC ops can be :

  • TSK7770, request priority to land, low battery.
  • TSK7770, number 1, clear to land runway XX

There were a couple of times when I had already received permission to land and were 4-5nm to the runway threshold but had to let go for family matters, I simply ended the flights, sort of disappearing right before the ATC’s eyes (on the Advanced). And I did find that I still collect some XP for both flights. Pretty good for me already cuz I though I would loose all the XP for the flights.

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sort of the way I used to do a ‘Long Haul’ flight. Take off and set a flight plan on actual airways until reaching the edge of the map and then ended the flight and restarted in the region I was completing in by taking off, flying around the region and landing at the desired airport. Still go the XP. Was wondering if you cut your wifi before landing if you still kept the XP for the duration of the on-line flight…? Will have to test it out!

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You sure of testing it out? Aren’t you afraid that you might find yourself alone somewhere above Iceland…? ;-)

lol once turned that WiFi off, will land and see what the result is…get lonely by myself, need maps and somewhere to land!

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yes… its the only reason for trolling Live, the only reason what FDS doesn’t want introduce it if it discussed