Ghost flight!? (Remade)

Hello again! Today I heard the Ryanair keeps their flights in service (With no passengers) so they don’t have to do checks, after the pandemic is over, so I did that, with a short flight from
Dublin to Birmingham. (This is remade because 1 of the pictures didn’t work, sorry

  • Aircraft: 738
  • Route: EIDW - EGBB
  • Server: Training
  • Flight time: 46 minutes

Parked at the gate!

1 engine taxi (Save the earth!)

Ryanair flight 642 heading to Standstead (Josh Clarke)

And we’re off!

Flying over London!

Doing a 360 approach (Was too high)

On approach

Smooth landing!

And parked at the gate.

Hope you enjoyed this journey with me! (Information from Simpleflying YT)


Smooth landing on Ryanair 737 is I L L E G A L


Funny one, But you do have a point there. 🤔

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Ryanair is known for hard landings, thats why i replied with this lol

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Great pictures! My favorite is #3.

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Nice angles mate, especially the third one 👍

Nice photos mate

Btw, Ryanair Hard Landing jokes are illegal on IFC.

My opinion, they are quite redundant

But again, cool photos and nice flight!

Are they really? Lol why…

Nice photos!

Nice mate looks good

You use engine #2 for one engine taxis because some systems only work with engine number 2 on😉
Nice pictures

Well, pretend I was in England at the time

How my landing exactly went!

wait thats illegal