Ghost caught while playing Infinite Flight

No I don’t mean the Expert server ghosting, I mean like a haunting ghost from spooky stories. Me and my friend were doing a video where my friend (who knows nothing about Infinite Flight) Attempted to be ATC, this was meant to be a comedic video for some laughs however this comedic video very quickly turned spooky. If you want to skip to that part you can go to the 1:54 mark. Please note that I am not putting this in best infinite flight videos because it’s not really a “best infinite flight video” or at the very least doesn’t really seem like something that would go in there. It is just something that I caught while playing the game while recording It’s more of a spooky capture then something meant to be put in that category. What I caught was a weird 3rd voice whispering “Ok” or “mk” or something like that. This could not have been my friend as he says something so shortly after it that it would be almost impossible to do it like that. I have tried to replicate this noise myself but I can’t do it. Although I’m not denying it could be me mid-laugh saying something but listening to the footage again, I doubt it but the possibility is still there. Anyway, I will leave you with the video tell me what you guys make of this.

Discussion Rules:
Please keep the talk about the video only and discuss over what you think is going on the video, We appreciate you trying to help but please keep your Chants or other ghost freeing things like that out of this discussion.
Thank you, Your coorparation is much appreciated and will help this topic to stay up without being taken down ;)


I scrolled through the video with no sound just be sure you were not joking by putting a scary face and scream in there 😂


No I wouldn’t do that ;)

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Yeah, i can confirm that there’s no scary stuff other than your voice which is freaking me out, haha xD

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Shortly before my friend says “alright” you hear it

Which timestamp is it at?

around 2:33, its really short and faint but if you listen carefully you wont be able to unhear it

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Nvm i found it already, well the music adds to the creepiness.

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weird right? found it will editing, and I was just like “what the…”

It’s difficult to hear what the voice says, are you sure you are not playing any tricks on us? ;)

I’m sure. If its fake then it’s an accidental fake meaning I may have done something subconsciously that I’m not aware of but I doubt it since I cant replicate the voice

It sounds like someone choked on something then said HEY…

Honestly, i’ve heard creepier thing in life, but this was something of its own. Did you perhaps say Hey and then you microphone picked it up twice possibly?

nobody was eating at the time so it couldn’t have been chocking, and it sounds to real to be an audio glitch plus like I said, I can’t replicate that voice no matter how hard I try so I am not sure

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Either a Glitch (most likely) or it could be something else (you never know), not to scare and no i don’t believe in Ghosts but this World tbh completely honest isn’t only made up by us and the laws of logic… And no i’m not talking about those “Creepypasta Ghost Caught on Footage Videos”, thing. I barely believe in those but Paranormal activity as it’s called does exist but in other forms then posting a video on youtube of a ghost shadow.

Honestly, best if a mod closes this down before people go wild on this topic, it’s a pretty interesting one and many won’t withstand not being able to express their horror creepypasta stories.

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To me it sounds like a fairly young person I can’t tell if it’s a male or female but having heard your voices there’s no way you guys’ could replicate it.

Spooky 👻


I’ll leave it at that by saying: This World Is Paranormal, Woah, that you didn’t think. But hey look, not everything is supposed to be logical, not everything is, now before going waaay to off-topic, let me just say it’s a third voice, that’s the creepy part, but that could be a duplicate of what once of you said or alternatively something completely else. I could discuss this further on PM but i think iäve said enough to make it even creepier than what it was, so i’ll say my goodbye and hope you don’t get nightmare tonight…

I don’t know it would sound like a pretty interesting discussion and we’ll just see how the community response is, best to see if it actually goes out of control rather then just assuming it will ;) especially because this community is pretty tame compared to a lot of others

I don’t think the Mods would like it, it would a pretty chaotic topic to discuss and non-aviation related.
But it would be rather interesting and i’m down for it, i got no stories to tell but we have witnessed a little of the unusual in life, right…?

but it is infinite flight related in a sense which is what this forum is about, I think it’s best to let whats gonna happen happen, if the mods don’t like it, fine but I don’t think we should get them to close it down

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Well let’s keep this one open then, hope they accept it and let it be, people may discuss here of what they think of your experience and what happened to the audio in your case.

Now all you could hope for is that this topic doesn’t get out of control where people start to talk about all sort of things and potentially starts claiming you have a ghost, spirit or demon living in your house… I don’t blame them, i could be one, but before someone shouts, “Hurricane, You have a Demon in your house, use this chant to set yourself free”… think about, how do you, have you been to his house and felt some kind of evil aura. God i feel like this topic will get a lot of attention and weird replies…