Ghost Appeal

I’ll put this for Omar as he was the one who reported me.

Flight was from EGLL to KLAX, landed, spun for whatever bizarre reason. Tried to get out of the way of the way and there was not ground ATC, just the tower.

Was reported for passing through a runway (I did look in both directions, no planes were on it), and got out of the way.

I was looking more at the ground control, and was on unicom. So it could be my fault, sure, but wanted to appeal if there was a remote chance of just doing the right thing of getting out of the way, since I was not on the tower atc.


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If you contact the controller via pm that would be great. I will also notify him for you. Also hope you can solve the problem out. :)

Enjoy the 20.1 premier looks exciting.

Controller: @Omar_Alqinneh


Will PM you in about 10 minutes 🙂.
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