Ghost and Reports

Hello, I’m a regular player of infinite flight on the expert server and today I have a complain.
Today morning I’ve made a flight from Hong Kong to India on a B777-200 (Ghandi Intl).
When I was approaching the air traffic controller gave me bad vectors to make the correct approach, so my mistake because I was to high,I’ve started my descent to late, their mistake because they didn’t understand that I was to high for that approach, so I’ve reported a missed approach, passing the vertical at 4000 ft, I’ve made a hard left to begin my approach.
Conclusion, I’ve been reported by not following the instructions (bad instructions) after I declare a Missed approach. I think the controller should give me new instructions and not report me.
I don’t think it’s fair a Controller ghost me if I do something wrong, but pilots can not ghost or report a controller if he does something wrong.
Can you guys please analyze this and if you think I’m correct “give me” my grade 3 again…
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Go back into your log and find out who ghosted you. Tag him here and he’ll Pm you to explain as soon as he can


Once you’ve got contact with your controller, they will explain to you what you did wrong/approve.

Remember, ghosting isn’t a punishment, it is so you can analyze what you did wrong, and train on training server

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Inappropriate and disrespectful to talk down on ATC. Regardless. You can ask for their IFC and contact them. Follow instructions regardless. If they bad. There was probably a reason as to why they were giving you certain instructions.

Be sure to contact whoever was controlling in order to discuss things with him/her. Feel free to ask on here if you can’t find their IFC username. :)

And it’s not their fault you were to high. They also expect pilots to contact them at the right time. Contact them. And in the future. Don’t talk down on ATC, they know what they’re doing.

@Prashant_Divedi is your controller. The controller has been notified and should reach out to you for clarification.

I am closing the thread to prevent more people from suggesting to look at your log book. :)