Ghoasted for not even flying into a airport and above 10000ft

Hello, hope y’all are great. Anyways, I was flying today in a F22, I didn’t flew over over KDEN. I was doing a routine flight from a military filed to a AFB. I did not have any intention to fly into the airport. And as I passed over the airport I was already above 20000ft (FL200). I don’t think I have done anything that violated rules or destroyed traffic or realism. At first, I was thinking that the ATC thought I was doing a flyby, and was being a nuscience but I want to clarify things before accusing. I hope y’all can look into this and give me a reply. Thanks. Stay safe and I wish you a good day ahead :)
ATC name: IFAE IFATC Luke Sta

Your controller is @Luke_Sta, please contact him via Pm in order to find out why you were ghosted!

Edit: As you are likely unable to PM due to your trust level, I have tagged him and so he will reach out. :)

Please PM him!

@anon28254084 He is unable to PM. He will have to be contacted by @Luke_Sta

Yup thanks just saw that.

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Luke, please PM the pilot when you close