Ghana Airways (World Airways) (N280WA) MD-11. 1994-1995

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I saw a check on the internet for Google information about it Ghana Airways, the company label founded July 4, 1958 then and when started in the service on July 16, 1958 then and the last service ceased operation in June 2005. Ghana Airways is home hubs at the Kotoka International Airport (DGAA/ACC), Accra, Ghana.

Credit photo from Bill Hough. At KJFK/JFK Airport.
Date: November 11, 1994.

On the internet for Google information.

Ghana Airways is part aircraft was kept bought least wet from World Airways McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Fleet Number 280 (Tri-jet) isn’t ER anybody. Ghana Airways get the service from October 1994 to May 1995 then and again back to World Airways.

Ghana Airways MD-11 One series:
  1. McDonnell Douglas (N311MD) ← Test Registration next first GATX Leasing (N489GX) March 1991 to September 1992. Next.

  2. China Airlines (N489GX) from September 1992 to April 1993.

  3. Garuda Indonesia (N280WA) from April 1993 to June 1994.

  4. World Airways (N280WA) from June 1994 to October 1994.

  5. Ghana Airways (N280WA) from October to May 1995.

  6. Garuda Indonesia (N280WA) from May 1995 to January 1997.

  7. World Airways (N280WA) from January 1997 to May 1997.

  8. CityBird (N280WA) from May 1997 to July 1997.

  9. World Airways (N280WA) from July 1997 to October 1997.

  10. Mandarin Airlines (N489GX) from October 1997 to March 2000.

  11. China Airlines (N489X) from March 2000 to April 2001.

  12. The last FedEx Express (N578FE) turn MD-11F "Hex Code A76CA3. Named: Stephen. Fleet Number 578. From April 2001 - Active. Stored KVCV/VCV from February 6, 2020 to May 28, 2021. The age of 31.4 years old!

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