Getting your money back

I just recently bought a new plane, the A319, and I was supposed to get the A320. Only realized it afterwards. Is there anyway I can get my money back?

I got no money left

Hello Brandon.

I’m pretty sure you can recieve a refund … Try these links out :

( If your an apple user )

report it to Apple: Request a refund for apps or content you've bought from Apple – Apple Support (UK)
But if you have used the aircraft they can’t refund you.

I don´t think you can request a refund. Though you can ask in Support and Feedback, “Send us a message”.

you can but not via Infinite Flight


If on Android, go to and select account. Then select the purchase and select problem. Then that’s it. this should be able to get you a refund

Just copy and paste that website, for some reason the hyper link makes it broken.

You can request a refund through Apple, but not through IF. I did it once.

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There are loads of topics about this already, anyway, to do this on iOS, visit:

You will have to log in with your Apple ID. You will see a list of purchases. Just click the one you want a refund for. A drop down list will appear. Choose from the options and add an explanation OR select ‘I want a refund for this item’ (or something similar) to get a full refund within a few days.

After 90 days, you cannot refund anymore, except if you contact Apple Support. Also, after given approx. 15-20 refunds you will NEVER be able to refund your products again with that Apple ID. Yes, I found it out the hard way.
So do spend your refunds carefully.

thx fro all the info. i contacted apple last night, and got my refund! had to talk with 5 people tho. thx everyone, and Happy Flying!

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