Getting XP fast

Hey pilots, I am wondering how to get my grade 2 to a grade 3, it is takking forever and I just want some ideas of how to get tons of exp fast I ag. 32,568 and I need to get to 40,000 for grade 3

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You could do more touch and goes.


try and do figure of 8 patterns in a spitfire. someone gave me that advice and about 30 mins of it gets quite a bit of xp. boring i know tho.

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This is a duplicate I believe.

I normally go to an airport with lots of runways in a cessna on casual server and in 20 mins you'll have 1000+ XP. Try it!

As other said above, flying patterns in difficult weather conditions is the best way to gain XP quickly. :)
Also, please search before posting next time… There are countless topics on this already.


Do touch and goes, nothing more to it. If you want the Grade you need to work for it and it’s XP not exp 😀


Maybe don’t focus so much on gaining XP as you move to Grade 3. Learn the basics and get your skills up, the XP will come as you fly and practice and perfect your skills. This way, you will be ready for the Expert server when you move to Grade 3. Too many pilots rack up a lot of XP, get to Grade 3, then hop on the Expert server with no clue what they are doing.

Happy flying! See you around!


Pattern Work would be simple but more fun if you let other’s join with you.

Dude Just do a very big route at 30000ft at 220knt circling south cal and While the plane is flying do something else
You ll earn approx. 1000 XP per one hour

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