Getting Way Past Destination - Pet peeves

Hi guys. Am I the only one who occasionally forgets to come back and prepare for descent and approach?😂😅 I had been on an overnight flight earlier today (EHAM - HTKJ), and I forgot to set my alarm to within an hour of arrival. I found my plane over the Indian ocean heading for Seychelles. And since I take this so seriously, I got stressed think about what I’d tell the passengers if it was real life. " Hello, this is your captain speaking. I don’t know why we’re over the ocean but we’re correcting course back to Kilimanjaro. Thank you for your patience.😬"
And that’s you lose your job.😂😂


It happens…once in a blue moon.


In my case, I was asleep. What was their reason ?

Pilots got bored, used their computers, pretty much missed their destination.

My main point is that you shouldn’t stress about it. It’s a simulator, it isn’t the end of the world if you oversleep - getting some high quality sleep is more important than landing your virtual plane at a virtual airport in a virtual world on a virtual device. If it happens, it happens…what happens, well…happens. Don’t stress about it. I know it’s easier said than done, but it takes time. I used to stress, just like the issue you mention now - but, you’ll get over it :)


Just be careful on ES in a controlled airspace. If you forget you started to decend, you could get reported.

Is that right? I mean, if you’re cruising (not descending) at FL290 and above the only ES there is Center, and if they see you’re on Away mode, they usually don’t disturb you, even if you forget to descend. As long as you don’t conflict with other traffic.

On ES, you will only be reported if you start descent without clearance. Therefore, don’t set your VNAV on until you wake up and have clearance, as otherwise you most likely will get reported if you descend without clearance. If you don’t toggle it and overshoot your descent, IFATC won’t report you (we might have a little chuckle instead).


if you descending through airspace, with ATC active, they will report you away or active

We would chuckle, that’s for sure. But even if you enabled VNAV and while your asleep the machine started a rebellion against you and you start descending without clearance - if you’re marked as away, the controller would try to work the traffic around you, but if you become too much of a hassle, you will be reported for being unable to communicate, which, from 20.2 (in 20.1 they all needed to be manually reversed) doesn’t affect your violation history, but rather just disconnects you from the server


You can actually be reported for unresponsive while climbing, descending, or maneuvering which is a level two violation. Always best to only climb and descend when you are at your device and paying attention.

Sigh. Did this earlier today…not gonna lie.
Was headed to KJFK from KFLL on the FNF route, cruising at FL350. Ended up snoozing (had a late night the day before) and woke up two and a half hours later to find myself over KJFK still at FL350…

Would’ve been an absolute checkride-passing-level-of-impressive steep spiral if I’d landed at that point. (Along with a near-assured violation probably)
I just quit the flight lol.

No harm no foul.

One rule I always follow for every flight: do NOT set your VNAV until you’re awake, and about 10NM away from your top-of-descent (or after you’ve been cleared, if you’re in contact with Center). That way, if you fall asleep after you reach your cruising level - you’re just cruising, and at worst, you’ll miss your destination and cruise right over it, and Center won’t care because you show up as “away.”

If you end up turning it on earlier and fall asleep, that’s a sure-fire way to get like a gazillion Level 1 overspeed violations and a definite Level 2 or 3 violation.

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