Getting violations with out doing anything!

imageI got 4 violations for overspeed. The alert went off for 3 seconds of which I slowed down. I deserve 1 violations, but after I slowed down, I kept on getting violations. I never got a warning before those 3 seconds!

You’re clocking in almost 350 KIAS, thats a hundred over the speed limit, no wonder you racked up violations.


Shut! I didn’t realize that! That is a mistake on my part! I got confused. Welp, there goes 1 week of fun expert flying. I feel so stupid because I have never done that. Wow.

Your sped is showing 354 KIAS, at 7,461AGL. The warning had been going off since you hit 250 KIAS. which means you disregarded that and continued to raise your speed. You can not exceed 250 KIAS until above 10,000 ft. Once there, you can accelerate to 350 KIAS, until you reach about FL290, where it starts to go down based on what your cruising altitude will be.

I would suggest reading through some of the tutorials.


I know that! I was just blanking out! A stupid mistake on expert.

If you knew what you were doing, then why did you make a topic on it?


I didn’t realize it until @Chief305 mentioned it.


Ok that makes sense.

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And I have never made that mistake in my 3 year in IF

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Well, mistakes are made, and we learn from them. ;) Trust me, I have done worse.


We all make mistakes at some point. Atleast you learned from what you did wrong, and can fix that issue. Go do some landings and get your violation score back down, then head back onto expert!