Getting used to edits

Hello IFC,

I have posted a couple things in the screenshots and videos area, but they haven’t been getting many views. I decided (the obvious) that I needed to at least try to do some editing. I looked back at a flight with an A380 (Singapore) and an A350 (Turkish).
I would love some feedback. ;) enjoy!

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Hey, nice shots! I did really love the pics showing off the mechanical aspect of IF.

Make sure to have a very attractive title, not just something like “EDDF-EGLL”, or “a nice flight”. I’m not saying that you’re doing this don’t worry.

And also as more people see your pics, and you keep posting consistently, you will become a bit more popular.

Just keep all the creenshots coming, and good luck!


@Rian16 Thanks that’s extremely helpful. I haven’t been thinking about post from that perspective.

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I’m happy to help, just give me a shout if ya need any advice:)

These are really great photos but just a little tip, next time I recommend you to use maybe some cinematic frames on the photo to make it look more “exciting “ You could also try working on some other angles as well. Make sure to be creative with them :).