Getting Trust Level 2

I was contemplating whether i should put this in general or support. However, I am struggling to understand how i can be Trust Level 2. I decided to read the requirements needed for T2. After looking over them I still can’t figure it out.
Requires atleast 15 days: I have done 96
Cast 1 like: i have given 113
Recieve 1 like: I have got 96
Replying to at least 3 different topics: I don’t know where to find that
Entering at least 20 topics: don’t know whether it means 20 topics created?
Reading at least 100 posts: 171 topics
Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts: i have 3 hours

If someone can please clarify things for me that would be extremely helpful.


Hey there!

The IFC does not follow the same rubric for gaining different trust levels. Those you outlined are set by Discourse.

This topic below explains trust levels specifically for the IFC:



Ah I see that they say you may not increase in trust level even if you meet the discourse requirements. But how do you get into T2? Because I believe I have not got a response saying I am stuck in one trust level.


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You get to TL2 by being very active, regular constructive replies to topics, etc…

You’ll get there eventually…

That sucks. But anyway thank you for your help!!!

How do I view mine?

Hey, a quick way to reach is just by constantly contributing effective and constructive things towards topics and conversations, I started out by making a #screenshots-and-videos post which was a good starter to how I got up to TL2 but you seem to be well on your way so I wouldn’t stress it :)

You are TL2.

Oh cool, cheers

I believe you go to your profile picture. Then you click the most right tab which has a profile symbol. Your profile comes up and then you press expand.

The exact requirements for TL2 on the IFC are hidden to prevent TL farming.


Ohh. That makes a lot of sense!!! Thanksss

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I had the same question a couple months back. It’s like most of the people here said, there are hidden requirements to prevent farming. Second Discourse (host of this forum) doesn’t update everyday.


Be active everyday. Contribute to the community.

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