Getting to TL2

I have been on IFC for a good while now and i for the most part an active but I am still not TL2 so am i at least almost there. I wanted to do an event but I can’t because you have to be TL2, same with feature requests. But I do think it would be cool if we had something that was like a measurement for how close you are to being the next TL


Just keep liking, posting and commenting so you get to TL 2 in no time. Make sure to read the community guidelines so your comments or Topic doesn’t get flagged.

Unfortunely as of right now, Trust Level requirement are hidden and higher than discourse level.

I hope you get to TL 2 quickly!


Ok thank you

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Also, I’ve seen you only using 2 likes.

Consider liking more post! so you get to TL 2 quickly.


I joined back in march within a couple of weeks I was TL2 because I was liking and posting g like crazy


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