Getting to Know Global | Flight #1 @ LEMD - 141400ZOCT17

Hey guys!

I’m going to put on a series of flights over the next few weeks that are designed to help you explore some of the best areas of IF scenery I have found in the past 7 or so months of testing the app. The first flight I would like to do is from Madrid, Spain to Spit, Croatia. More details below:

Departure Location: Madrid Airport (LEMD)

  • Destination: Split Airport (LDSP)

  • Distance: 1054nm

  • Flight Time: 1h55min

  • Suggested Aircraft and Livery: EasyJet A319/A320

  • Altitude: FL390

  • Speed: M.81

I will create the fight plan on the day as it depends on winds. The events will all be held on the expert server and so ghosting will be enforced (by me and ATC if present). Split has an interesting approach so I suggest a follow the leader type visual approach that I may doodle and add to here!

No need to ask for gates as you can now see where others are parked so use some common sense!


This is interesting! Would you consider a few long hauls?

I would to fly from London Heathrow to Nicosia via Athens :)

Yes yes, long hauls will be included 🙂

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Love that departure airport… ;) I’ll try it.

I’ll load in now and wait if anyone wants to come. I can promise you it’s a nice flight!

Wish I could but in at the tail end of a10 hour flight

I would also like to cone

I will also try to come

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