Getting tired of crashes

We’ve said it before, your responses are getting fairly unnecessary.

You can either try to follow the advice stated above, or wait for the devs to fix it. End of.

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Unacceptable. Meanwhile I pay a premium for a substandard product.

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No one said any of the tips would prevent a crash, it would only lower the chances of a crash.

No one will stop you if you move on to Microsoft, but just realize one day Infinite Flight could fix the problem, add more features, and overshadow MSFT.

Do understand a probable solution for this issue is in beta testing. You can pay thousands for your “acceptable” flight sim, but if that fails more than this sim, have at it.


Right. But it’s been 3 months since this problem was revealed and meanwhile a quarter of my subscription has been used up without me being able to use the product as it was sold. That’s a major problem.

Will Infinite Flight overshadow MSFT, a company with unlimited resources to throw at their product? Doubtful.

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You cannot compare a simulator for Mobile for one on PC, it is normal that on mobile you can find more limits and certainly more crashes

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Let’s take MSFT out of the equation for a second. With the capabilities of that product aside, IF doesn’t work as advertised. I can’t even complete a 6 hour flight with the software running at half of its capability. It’s a dysfunctional app in its current form.


What phone do you have

Also, why is IF dedicating precious resources to a 777 revive when their app doesn’t even work? That’s just bad mgmt of resources IMO. They should have all hands on deck to fix this issue.


Read guys read!!!

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Mind if I step in and weigh in for a moment?

I’d like to say that I can guarantee to everyone affected that the developers are working hard to resolve this matter. The unfortunate fact is, Apple and Android tend to Tweak things at a fairly rapid pace. Some of these tweaks have minimal impact on apps and other times their changes have significant ramifications to app performance.

With that being said, this issue is at the pinnacle of what Infinite Flight LLC is working on resolving. Of course, before any changes with the app need to be ran through their paces by developers. Sending out a quick fix could cause more issues than what users are already experiencing.

The Staff and Developers are not happy about this either but they are really savvy, they’ve been around for a good while as well when many other apps in the Apple Store and Play Store didn’t stand the test of time. As a fellow Infinite Flight user for many years, I hope you understand that your continued dedication and commitment to purchasing subscriptions is vital to Infinite Flight.

To answer your other inquiry about the resources being deployed for the 777 at the moment, the team has resources that handle new livery designs, new interiors and other visual features. They also have members that are hard at work with Project Metal. More information on that can be found here: Project Metal

Thank you kindly,


I hope it’s not too much off-topic, but I have used this app for quite some time too (probably not as long as Levet, but anyways), and the whole team has always been and still is very determined to deliver the very best user experience. If a fix takes long it’s not because it’s fun to have the issue, but because there simply is no faster way.

Please rest assured that the whole team has proven to be delivering a great user experience while overcoming the challenges that do occur (and challenges are part of our life in the end, aren’t they?).


This is 100% my personal opinion and I don’t know all the facts, so please nobody get too upset at me

But to be totally honest, I don’t really believe that, it’s been 4 months since this really became and issue and we haven’t gotten much news about it, Infinite Flight is not a cheap game and being limited to flights under 6 hours in the case, kind of goes against the whole point of global. My app has crashed on 14 hour flight, and it sucks. Imagine if you were paying $80 a year for a TV, and occasionally right before the climax of an episode of a show, it would restart and make you watch the whole thing again. Except, that wouldn’t be 15 hour show, only an hour or so. If that happened to a TV, no way anybody would buy it


Sorry to be that guy but Microsoft flight sim is a 5 dollar a month subscription, plus it comes with X-Box game pass.
The only expensive thing about it is the PC, and even that (the developers said) would not be all that high-end/expensive.
IF is expensive, we cannot deny that, but in my opinion it still is worth it.



This is all very true. And I really understand your opinion. Nonetheless I stand by what I wrote above:

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In example, Cameron and Sebastian have been extremely active in these “crashes” topics.

At times, their responses get buried but nonetheless, I’ve posted some updates for everyone here in this thread.


Totally agree there but it is true about the PC and all eventually new ortho will be released meaning more to pay and all do it will still be pretty costly

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But cheaper than IF?

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At the start yes but long term no

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But I mean, they said they think they found a fix, and it’s been a month so we don’t even know, does it the fix work, does it not. Will it be available soon or not and a bunch of other questions

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Let’s keep track of updates and progress here: