Getting thrown off the runway

Hello everyone! How are you all today? Quick question then I’ll be outta your way. When I’m taking off at LGTS, 28R, my aircraft gets flung off the runway and it’s annoying. Flying a 737-8. I don’t know what else I need to include…

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What are the winds like?

If you’re being pushed to one side then it’s most likely a crosswind. Compensate for this by making a rudder input in the same direction as the crosswind.


They are 320@20KTS according to METAR. Plz don’t hate me if I don’t know to read it I struggle

Those are some strong winds so as David said you need to compensate by utilising the rudder to counteract the wind.


Yeah the aircraft was picked up by wind and flung me halfway across China

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It’s a little old but here is a video showing what to do… may not be 100% correct but you get the idea:

(Source: Crosswind takeoff "how-to" video)

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Using your ailerons (yoke) should also help along with a little rudder use. When your plane starts looking as it’s gonna wing strike, use ailerons.

Once you start to lift off, you can also just tap HDG to stabilize your plane on the runway heading.


The maximum cross wind for a 737 is 30kts. 20kts is a lot and takes some skill to take off. I would practice crosswind landings and takeoffs on Solo or even at this airport on casual. It will help you learn to use rudder on takeoff and landings which is a valuable skill. If you need help with anything else feel free to PM me or use #tutorials

Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if you manage not to get thrown off the runway by using rudder and ailerons, your plane still deviates from the runway heading, is that alright?

Yes, deviation is quite normal as long as you have a stable takeoff.

Par exemple:

@Kamanda_Mosongo I learnt a trick during crosswind takeoffs. As you approach V1, the wind effects would be greater on the plane. Use rudder and ailerons on the side the wind is going to (A left crosswind requires aileron and rudder action to the left) to counter the crosswinds.

Happy flying.


The video doesn’t show the ground though after tha plane took off. There was once during a crosswind takeoff when I did a stable takeoff and a few minutes later after flying runway heading I looked back and saw the runway on one side rather than behind me.

It means you corrected slightly late. Think of a crosswind takeoff as the inverse of a crab landing, you are using the same techniques but in reverse order. At rotation, use your rudder with your ailerons briefly to fight the crosswinds as outlined in my post above. The plane will continue climbing away in a crabbing manner where you can engage autopilot and continue with your flights. I’ve done this technique and it always bears fruit. I hope it also helps you 🙂

Engaging autopilot right after takeoff is unrealistic.

I never said you should engage autopilot immediately after takeoff. Its the discretion of the pilot on when to engage the A/P

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