Getting the right track Heading in crosswind landings

So I just did a crosswind landing at KIAH and wondered how can you can get the correct track heading.Any suggestions?

Lightly tapping the rudder will correct crosswind deviations but APPR can also land in crosswinds up to 30kts. But don’t use APPR.

Well I don’t like to use APPR cuz it makes landings boring. But is there a way to find the exact track heading for approaches?

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Does the ILS show you if you are using the right track heading?

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I made a topic about this, and unfortunately no one could had the answer.

If you’re staying in the middle of the localizer at a different heading that’s the way you want to go. Use your rudder to turn back to runway heading right before touchdown

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Oh OK! SO I can trust the ILS/localizer in crosswind landings?

What I typically do is go to the HUD and try to keep the little airplane circle centered on the runway. This is essentially where your plane will end up.

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Oh Ok! I usually just use the localizer but that is another way!

Thx for the help guys! This can be closed now.

Trust the localizer in a crossword landing. They are very accurate and what real world pilots use too.

Safe flying,

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