Getting the landings in for an upgrade

Hey guys, Ive been away from the game for awhile, trying to get back to grade 5. What is everyones favorite airport and airplane to get the landings bumped up?


I’d say the XCub at KEDW. It’s super easy to get landings!


For me, EDDF is very easy, you take off from 7C and fly over to 25R then back to 7C.
Airplane: B787-8


I say cub PHNL, and with 3d airports this will be even nicer


I do the cubbie at phnl figured theres gotta be an easier airport out there to do pattern work


Well yeah, KEDW has many long runways which is perfect!


You want to use the SR22 at Heathrow where you use one runway for 2 landings then do a barrel roll and do it over again. It got me to 400 landings from 280 landings in a week because I do lots of long hauls and I need to make sure I keep the 180 landings a month minimum to stay at grade 5


KOSH or San Martin are my go to for pattern work. There usually empty I personally like to do my pattern work on casual server so I can practice landing the X-Cub or some other trick I wanna do to mix it up while your grinding out those landings.


ATL in a 172 or Cub is easy. Pretty much any GA aircraft at an airport with loads of parallel runways

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I found it pretty easy at Zurich (LSZH) in a Cessna or TBM due to the triangle formation of the three runways.


KEDW is a great one, @Cooper_Marcukaitis is spot on, another would be Chicago Midway (KMDW), one of my favs in USA for the four runways they have there!
Good luck with the landings, make sure you don’t do one big one and then leave it until 90 days are over because you’ll have to do it again. Do the pattern work every now and then, consistently.


Hi, my favorite airport is Klax, regardless of which runway is operating, following standard procedures it will always be a success.

I went on Casual at KMCO/Orlando, and would take off one runway, do a 180, then land. Let me find the picture that helped me.

Heres the picture:


Going with KEDW easy and fun place to practice landing.

By far the BEST airport is Edwards AFB (KEDW). I got Grade 5 there myself. Do circle patterns on parallel runways with a C172, just make sure all three wheels touch the ground each time!

I go to a remote airport near Malé and use the C172. I just take off tight turn then land. This is casual server and do about a landing every 30 seconds. I’m on grade 4 now but when I have holidays will get up to grade 5.



Young will get like 1 landing/min

Not doing that often, but if I want to do some T&G, I mostly go to LEMD/Madrid(Spain)…as there are 4 rwys, in.ex. I take off with a Cessna at 32L turn gently to the right to do my first T&G at 36L, then turning into 18L, 2nd T&G, then 14L(3rd), then back to 32L.

KORD can also be fun :)

Though keep in mind, getting some landings counted to your stats temporarily it’s fine, but if you want to keep your grade, you better fly or even do T&G, if you like that, regularly and not just 1 / month…as landings are count in 90days, so if you got 150 and you do 30 in one day to get back to your Grade 5 and you don’t fly during 90 days, you’d “lose” 30 landings after 91 days;)


I always use LHBP because of the parallel runways that are not directly next to each other so you take off and have a short final before landing. For that, I use a CRJ 200 and fly with 250kts average. Keep in mind that you can’t do 2 landings within 30 seconds because it won’t count!


I do the MMTJ-KSDM-KNRS-KNZY-KSAN route and back in a TBM or A319 I also sometimes give a tour of the Swiss Alps giving touches and takeoffs on any runway