Getting the hang of the Boeing 777

Hey all, so as we know using the virtual cockpit takes a lot of getting use to. I am doing just that, for the B737 too. Don’t get me wrong my landings are horrible but getting there. Today I actually did not stall and smash the ground… But I did get get a lovely picture on short final. That is what I will share with you now. As always only minor editing in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Flight Details
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Infinite Flight
  • One Hour and Six Minutes
  • Still testing aircraft before long haul

Have a great day :)


Excellent shot - there’s almost nothing between it and a real Planespotters/ Jetphotos publication 🚀

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@Helmethead THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That means a lot :)

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VERY Nice Shots. Keep It Up :)

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Thank you @Cap_J :)


Nice photos, looks like you’ve handled the might beast well 👀

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hmm hmm hmm I LOVE that gear tilt. Amazing shot!

Thank you @Vinne and @KindaTartySliceOfPie :)


Ouuu 😍 So pretty!

Absolutely Mindboggling Shot. Loved it. Keep up the good work and happy landings!!

Thank you very much @Preston_D and @Samyak_Siddhanta :)

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Really cool picture, this looks like a realistic planespotter picture! And I had issues for quite some time when transferring to the A320 live cockpit, but it’s really rewarding once you master it. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @JulianB!

Thank you so much everyone for these likes, they are incredible. The most I have ever had. Thank you all again :)


Lovin’ it mate. Approval received. I am doing a flight from DFW to LAX in a 772 UA341. See you guys!

Thank you very much :)

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