Getting the Departure & Arrival Airport Code

Why is the Departure and Arrival Airport Code not listed in the Flights API? Why do we need to do another requests to the Flight Plan API to get only that information? It seems so counter productive both for the Developer and the server resource. Any ideas?

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The most common use case for this endpoint is map-based flight trackers, which don’t need this information in this API call (they are calling this endpoint to get aircraft positions several times per minute). This would involve extra querying from our end resulting in a bigger response that most users won’t need.

Would love to hear your specific use case though. We’re open to feedback for the Live API and would love to find a good solution


What you could always do is hit the Get Flights and Get World Status endpoints, and do a lookup from there, that way you only need to do 2 API calls (in theory). Obviously I don’t know exactly what flight info you need, so this may/may not work for you.

The Get World Status endpoint returns both inbound and outbound flightIds for each airport (provided there are actually inbounds/outbounds). You could then look up a flightId in the result from the Get Flights endpoint.

More info on the World Status endpoint here:


I was trying to build a Flight Tracker to show all departures/arrivals per Airport or Route. Think of how FlightRadar24 works with filters. None of this is ever possible with the current state of the API, unless there is 1 feed that has all the basic information.

It certainly is…LiveFlight and MapFlight (to name a few) both have no issues. See my suggestion above.

It sounds like the endpoint that @rebal15 suggested may be more suited in this case. It will show you a list of IDs for all aircraft that are arriving and departing from all airports in IF, which you can then correlate with the data from the Flights API. Granted, this is an extra call, but we appreciate the feedback and will see what we can do in the future

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ok thank you. I will try the World Status Endpoint API. I will let you know if I’m able to get something working.

Edit: I also completely missed the Airport status Endpoint. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Keep me posted on how you get on!

I got something working -


This is actually really cool! Nice work! ;)

Holy Moses that looks good