Getting the chance to experience a private charter flight

On Jan 17, 2020, I will be flying privately to Albany, NY to enjoy the city for the day.

The trip will cost a whopping $2,500.

“It’s only a 4 hour drive, why can’t you just drive there?”

Good question!

We’ve driven there a couple of times last year. It’s nice if it’s during the summer season, but not so nice during winter.

We’ve driven through a snow storm in the early morning, and it was terrible.
We usually go to enjoy the city, so we decided to charter an airplane!
It’s been in my bucket list for a long time, so now I’ll be able to fly privately on a Baron 50!
My company owns a charter company, so I got a discount on the fare.

This will be split between three people, so don’t think I’m going by myself!

I work at KPSM (Portsmouth International Airport), so the cost is for them ferrying the aircraft to my hometown of MHT, and from there we will be leaving to ALB.

We’ll only be there for a few hours, and will be leaving in the afternoon.

Flight information:

Airline: Air New England LLC
Aircraft: Baron 50
Passengers: 3
Cost: 2,500

Origin: Manchester, NH (KMHT)
Destination: Albany, NY (KALB)
Route: Non-Stop
Type: Leisure

Flight information 2:

Airline: Air New England LLC
Aircraft: Baron 50
PAX: 3
Origin: Albany, NY (KALB)
Destination: Manchester, NH (KMHT)
Route: Non-Stop

Thanks for reading. I’m very excited to fly, and even though it’s not on a fancy jet, it’s still something that I will complete on my Bucket List!

Because this is a Charter flight, I’m hoping for good weather.


Have fun! That sounds amazing!😀😆


You are very lucky!!!


Omg that’s awesome! Take lots of pictures (or don’t an just enjoy it :D)

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There will be pictures and videos of the trip, so don’t worry :)

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An update on what will happen

Friday I’m supposed to fly to ALB, and have been closely monitoring the weather.

Unfortunately it’ll be windy on Friday, with winds reaching 16kts gusting to at most 39kts.

What this means is that, while Friday is nice and sunny, the winds will possibly be an issue.

The Baron is only capable of the max crosswind being 22kts total.

There’s a 50/50 chance that this may or may not happen, which means that we will end up driving instead.

I’m Hoping to fly, as I don’t want to push this to another day


I sure hopes it happens! The IFC expects some pictures form the trip… ;)

That sounds very exciting the Baron aircraft are some of my favorite GA aircraft

We’ve been given the green light to fly!

Unless the weather decides to go against us tomorrow, we will be flying to ALB!

I’m super excited! It’ll be a bit bumpy though.

Would you guys like a separate topic about this event?

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The weather is awesome

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