Getting Started!

Hello, I recently bought infinite flight live a few days ago and I’ve been really enjoying it. =D

I am currently Grade 2 and have not bought any extra aircrafts or regions; could someone please give me suggestions for some simple flights?

I’m also thinking about buying some new aircrafts and regions, any suggestions?



My advice is save up and my live+

I love flying in and out of KPSP (Palm Springs, So Cal) and TNCM (St Maarten, Carribean)


Welcome to Infinite Flight and the community, Ted!
If you have the money, definitely try out Live+. It gives you all the aircraft and regions free for a year, and will add on to your current Live purchase. If you plan on buying just a few regions and aircraft, the new 787 is a really nice buy, with an equipped APPR (Autoland feature, as well as some smaller jets like the A320 family and 737! Some popular paid regions on Live, especially Expert, which is grade 3 or higher, include Denver, Hawaii, New York, and London

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Ok thanks for your help (=

yep, with Live+ you will unlock all territories and airplanes.

I like any routes in SoCal → KPSP, nice arrival by using charts whenever runways 13R/13L are in use.


If you can’t afford Live+, my suggestion is to buy SoFlo. I love SoFlo, it’s really fun! It includes tons of airports and is so fun! Also remember to save up for months on live!

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Recently bought infinite flight and on grade 2 ? It took me a whole live subscription to get grade 2 lol. But you could fly KLAX-KSAN or KPSP-KSAN. Nice job 👍

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Definitely but the 787 especially if you like wide-body jets, if not try a Dash-8. If you want a region, London is popular if you like big airport and traffic, Carribean and Hawaii have some nice island hopping routes, and Denver is best for mountains (though Seattle is good if you like GA).

As for flights, I like starting from a more obscure less popular airport, and flying into a big one. Whatever floats your boat really, just don’t keep doing KLAX to KSAN to KNUC on repeat :)


Hi, welcome to the world of Infinite Flight!

Have a look at this link here which have as list of real life flights that are able to be flown in Infinite Flight.

Also if you join look at a Virtual Airline (VA) then this may give you some more interesting route to fly.

Happy landings!!

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I managed to get 8k XP and 4 hours flight time on Saturday. It isn’t that hard 😂

Oh wow nice job lol 😂

Buy live+ and sit tight until global is released. See ya in the air!

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Have fun Ted. Any flight is a good one :-)

Practice your pilots skills, read the tutorials on this Forum and on YouTube and (then) come to Live.

Here is some light reading for you.

Notr: some of this tutorial is a bit dated…

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I like
EHAM (Amsterdam) to EDDL (Dussledorf)

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I’ve done that route myself, I enjoy it to. =D

Thanks, I’ll have a look through that ^^ :)

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Get all the new aircraft

I would suggest saving up for Live+ best investment ever on Infinite Flight

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