Getting started with Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Am I need any app on pc?

Check out the guide I linked, everything is explained there

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I saw it, it’s to complicated to me… Sorry…

Well, that’s how it works, we can’t make it easier ¯_(ツ)_/¯




Applied! This team is one of the most underrated of IF


This is really nice, one airport that needs to have a lot of fixing is KSTS. Becuase STS airport expanded by a lot in 2015. Now airlines such as; United, Alaska, and American Airlines fly there.


Come on, @luwest, you found the right thread already! Join the team, learn how it’s done, and if you reached a certain level you could fix it yourself!
There is no place for requesting airports being done.

Yours Tom


Since I’ve found a lifelong community this year, I’m now looking to contribute in some way.
I had no idea this existed until I had been away a few weeks and read about the scenery update and the update before that.

I’ve realized this simulation can reach the highest potential. The work everyone has put in, my friends see me playing and are just always fascinated.

I’ve got a local airport near, KLOZ, my great uncle would fly into from KOKC during holidays and we’d pick him up. I worked beside it later on in life for two years.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can start researching and studying.
For those of you that do this, I want you to know I’ve just had one flight since the update but I noticed taxing for t/o that my graphics on high running smoothly was amazing detail.

Then I realized some members did some work!

I appreciate it every day, major kudos to all of you. Excellent work!

I have to imagine team u also take request for waypoint and other nav errors as well.
I’m pretty meticulous on this game, it’s the only Sim you can be.

Frustrating to see waypoints missing in IF, mainly on TOD to destination. Being fresh, the FL and speed in simbrief to aim for helps me big time.

If I can also send to the team, I’ll gather up my notes every few days. I’m a detail oriented guy, having that info would give me more to write

Dedicated notebook, departure arrival airports, airplane model and carrier, alt airport, fuel block, then waypoints and fl and speed for each one.

I know this is something that can be improved and in fact, checking into airport editing first time tomorrow, I would be happy to make it my main focus while learning editing to compile waypoint info


Thank you for the video!

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I sent an application in!

I am impressed by the time and effort you put in airport editing!
Well done!
IF is incredible!


what a good one here I’ll join

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I live in Santa Rosa I agree🙌🏾


I’ve made an airport (LFOD) and I get an anser
This what do I have to do??

Unfortunately I cannot add the airport to the repo for the following reasons:

  • Please set the ATC frequency to CTAF
  • Many lines are unsnapped and incorrect
  • Remove non-hangar buildings
  • All spawns are set incorrectly
    Please fix these and submit to peer review in slack
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Hi @Martijn_Decates,

first of all you should have asked this in our Slack Channel. That is what we have it for.

  • you haven’t set the correct purpose of a ATC frequency
  • you have not snapped lines that should have been snapped
  • we do not fake buildings any more. Ask in Slack for details.
  • You have to place the spawns like they are in real world.
    It is exactly what the reviewer told you.
    If it is not clear to you what it means you will get help in our Slack Channel.

And MOST important:
do not continue to discuses this in this thread!
We have a Slack Channel where experienced Editors are available nearly 24/7 to help you in all upcoming questions. Please use it.

Regards, Tom

By the way, I hadn’t found you neither in Slack or Github. Please refer to the beginning of this topic find information how to become part of the Team.


Hey all,
I just wanted to say that I’m interested in doing editing for IF but I have no coding experience (apart from like a basic course at school) and I have tried to follow the pdf and the above posts but it seems like I get stuck on every little thing like the repository (which I still have no clue what that is) and so forth. Should I continue trying (with a more in-detail tutorial on getting the software and all that) or should I not? I do really want to help out IF in every-way possible (becoming an IF expert ATC soon) so yeah what are people’s opinions?
Thanks a lot!

I say do it. Seeing your own contributions in IF is incredibly rewarding, and no coding experience is necessary. Send an email so we can add you to the slack team where members will be able to help with anything not covered in our guide. And the repository is just where all of our apt.dat files are kept : )


Hello I am new in this team and when i click on: Choose X-Plane Folder and i use the file Airport Editing. But when i click on: OK so this comes up: Alert. ‘C\Users"private"\Desktop\Airport Editing’ is not the base of a X-Plane installation.
It needs to have ‘Custom Scenery’ and ‘Resources/default Scenery’ folders inside it.

Why i haven triedto fix it in 3 hours. i’m so tired.

Hello @Pilot_Dan1, nice that you want to join us.
Have you seen the email as stated abouve? If so you should get an invitation to our slack channel, accept it and use our slack for those questions.

See you over there to answere your question.