Getting started with Infinite Flight Airport Editing

I say do it. Seeing your own contributions in IF is incredibly rewarding, and no coding experience is necessary. Send an email so we can add you to the slack team where members will be able to help with anything not covered in our guide. And the repository is just where all of our apt.dat files are kept : )


Hello I am new in this team and when i click on: Choose X-Plane Folder and i use the file Airport Editing. But when i click on: OK so this comes up: Alert. ‘C\Users"private"\Desktop\Airport Editing’ is not the base of a X-Plane installation.
It needs to have ‘Custom Scenery’ and ‘Resources/default Scenery’ folders inside it.

Why i haven triedto fix it in 3 hours. i’m so tired.

Hello @DL_FILM, nice that you want to join us.
Have you seen the email as stated abouve? If so you should get an invitation to our slack channel, accept it and use our slack for those questions.

See you over there to answere your question.



I have get the Slack invitation.

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Hello there! In how many hours should I expect an answer? Thanks!
Good day!

Response times for all emails vary based on how busy we are. 24-48 hours is the most common response time, but it can stretch upwards of 96 hours during particularly busy periods.

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Thanks! I’ll wait :)

I can’t wait till this update!

So, I have a question about the IFAET.

How active does one need to be in order to be a part of the Airport Editing Team

Basically, what are the requirements for not getting removed because of inactivity

90 days of inactivity gets you the boot. If you can prove that you are still working, that time will keep being extended.

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90 days of not getting an airport edited
90 days of not getting an airport edited and not being active on Slack
(so if you haven’t edited an airport in 90 days but you are still active can you stay?)

The first one. We judge activity based off of contributions to the team, not chatting.

And it’s only at least 1 airport within 90 days, correct?
or is there a minimum amount of airports that need to be edited

Just one is enough to satisfy the requirements

I’m having a lot of trouble downloading the software, can someone please help?
I’m no expert in computers.

I can try my best to help if you take this into a PM :)

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Please see the linked new topic for updated information.

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