Getting started with Infinite Flight Airport Editing

About Us

Since taxi lines were first introduced in Infinite Flight, the quality of the airport layouts has increased to a extremely high level. To be able to achieve this, @cameron established the Infinite Flight Airport Editing project back in 2015. Since then, volunteers from all over the world create precise airport layouts. While this used to be limited to airports in Infinite Flight’s regions for a long time, our focus is on all airports in the world for more than a year now. For Infinite Flight’s global update, we are working on editing thousands of airports!

Join Us

As there are so many airports* located around the world, editing all these will take time. To include more and more countries, we are always looking for new members who are willing to dedicate their time to airport editing. If you are interested in editing as well, check the requirements below and join us!

Required Software

All programs required and recommended for editing are available online for free.

The main software for Infinite Flight Airport Editing is World Editor (WED) by Laminar Research. It’s used to create the airport itself.
Next to WED, we use software to import satellite images into World Editor so we can create as accurate layouts as possible. For Windows and Linux, the recommended software is SASplanet. Due to the incompatibility of SASplanet with Mac OS, users of Apple computers can use WED-o-Maker or get SAS images sent by other editors.

For communication between editors we utilize the messenger service, Slack. You can either use it in your web browser or get the App for iOS or Android or for your Computer or Mac here.


All information on Airport Editing can be found in several text and video tutorials on the web. See the most important sources of information below. Every editor is strongly asked to check the tutorials before contributing to avoid issues and frustration.

Editing Guide

The main official tutorial is the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Beginner’s Guide. It includes information on all steps of Infinite Flight Airport Editing starting with the download and setup of the software. It also includes helpful links, shortcuts and an editing checklist.

The editing guide is updated regularly in order to include the latest features of the software and changes in the editing guidelines.


On our YouTube channel, you can find several videos in English and Spanish covering editing process.


All tutorials, the team and more can also be found on our website Check it out!


To contribute to Infinite Flight Airport Editing, send an email to Please include the following information in your mail:
• Your name
• Your email address (if different from the one you are using for the application)
• Your GitHub username (if you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here)
• Your username on the IFC

Also, don’t forget to add a subject.

DON’T use this email address for airport requests! Airport requests will not be answered and the airport won’t be done faster

The Team

You still have questions? Contact us!

@Moritz @dush19 @Kilt_McHaggis

Airport requests will not be answered or forwarded when sent in a DM either.

*the term “all airports” includes airports who have an ICAO or FAA identifier (with few exceptions). Airports without identifiers can’t be added to Infinite Flight


I remember when I joined the editing team, all the way back in March. When I first joined, it was all so bloody intimidating. All I had was a computer and a 1 hour tutorial by Moritz. Weeks and weeks later, after thousands of peer reviews (thanks @AdamCallow), I got my first airport accepted. The team are a great bunch of people, and they really helped me do this stuff, as it was tricky at first, and had so much patience for my idiotic mistakes. I’ve read through this guide and it’s amazing, really well done Moritz. Through this and the huge navigation editing change (bye bye Jason!!!) helping and contributing to IF has never been easier!


@Moritz what a great thread. To those of you considering joining, do it. Undoubtedly. When you first join it is very scary. There’s tons of people having all their airports accepted and you’re sat there trying to work out how to draw a taxiway (I’m gonna be honest - that happened to me at the start. The first airport is never a masterpiece, and you’ll struggle with it. The feeling when it finally gets accepted is amazing. It’s so much easier from then on. I’ve now got about 25 airports in the repo, and I’m hooked. I get one airport done per weekend. It is actually really fun, and to see people flying to your airport in Global is amazing. I strongly encourage you to join if you’re thinking about it. Just remember, the Isle of Man is in the English Channel.

And I’m not even kidding Moritz spent months on writing the new written guide

And btw, you don’t actually have to have no life in order to edit


Admire the effort you guys put in to these airports, can’t wait to see them!

Please dont try and land in the channel… you’ll get soggy feet, try the Irish Sea instead 😁


I tried to join the team a while ago but the uploads needed to edit didn’t install right and my computer couldn’t handle it. :-( Great group of people on the team though. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to help Infinite Flight.


Check this out:

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I am having a problem with SASNightly where it says there is an error and won’t load the satellite imagery is there a known fix for this?

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Please read the first post and email to join the team. Thank you.


I’m already a part of the team. It worked about a year ago but is not now. I tried to redownload it but didn’t work

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In this case, please use #discussion in our Slack to ask these questions.



Corvo Airport (LPCR) in the Azores islands is missing in infinite flight.

How can I go about requesting that this airport be added? I’d gladly offer to help the airport editing team but don’t have the time currently.

However, if I could provide any info to the team that may help with adding this airport I’ll do my best to get it when I have a chance.

Thanks a lot.

Once you have the time to do so, please join us and edit the airport for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until someone decides to do it. We will get to all airports at some point, thanks!

This also isn’t the correct outlet to request airports. Please remember this for the future. 🙂

Are you guys still accepting new people? I would love to join!

We always are, at the moment you might have to wait some time until you hear from us since we are a bit busy rn

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I just submitted an application, I hope I get admitted.

Just to make sure, to make an application, I am supposed to send an email with the required informations, right ?

Yes, this correct. But you need to be aware that at the moment it might take some time till you get an answer. The Administration of the Airport Editing Team is currently verry busy.

Thanks for your application and your patience.

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I would like to join you

Here you go @rubinedan