Getting Southwest Airlines newest route out of Santa Barbra . KSBA planespotting

Hi Infinite Flight Community on Tuesday I got to see one of Southwest Airlines newest route departing Santa Barbara. Lets begin. Starting us off Gulfstream G450 Departing Santa Barbara to White Plains

Next United Airlines E175 Continental Globe Livery departing Santa Barbara to SFO

Third New Route Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 700 Heart Livery with e Split Scimitar winglets departing to Sacramento

Fourth Hawker 125 700 rocketing out to Lincoln

Last Alaska Airlines E175 Departing to PDX


Good photos, but I cannot see the registration of the aircraft, and the aircraft are not that big.

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Proud that the Southwest is heading to my hometown!

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Thank you for your post today, however it may be advisable to take into consideration the following to assure we’re posting photos of adequate quality along with adequate visibility of the aircrafts:

Thank you once again!

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