Getting reported

Someone reported me for no reason and now I can’t access grade 3 for 1 year

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Can you go into your logbook & find the person’s name who reported you?

There is always a reason behind a ghost. Tell us who the controller is and we will notify him to PM you


Contact @NiharG when you reach TL1

Nihar can contact him when he is on the IFC again.


Btw when did this happen? Because for Nihar its in the middel of the night

ok so this is my only thing In all live flights and on the grade 3 requirements it says 9 reports over 1 year and I’ve only had pro since June 2019

August 13, 2019? You should have contact back then. There is no way for you to get that ghost reversed.


How many reports total are in your logbook?

Well we are probably In different time zones but around 2 pm eastern time