Getting reported for something I didn't do

I was landing today, at Madrid, was a really long approach because of all the aircraft. I was on final when I was told to go around, I did, I flew the runway heading for a few seconds as I put my throttle up and gained speed then turned left, away from the airport. I was then reported for not going around, and was kicked from the server. I later found out I hadn’t put my gear up straight away so that might have been why they thought I didn’t go around. Is there any way I can get this report remived?

Hello @Peter.06 !

Go to your logbook, and find the name of the controller who reported you. Then, send him a PM with your complaint. If you need help identifying the controller, please ask in this thread.



Ok, thanks.

Do u know if the report will be able to get removed?

Well, that’s not my call. Like I said, you have to message the controller who reported you to communicate with them.

This is being sorted in a PM. Thanks for the help @HiFlyer.