Getting ready for KLAX spotting I 3 Days Away

Nice man! Get a spotting thread up I’d love to see all the photos you took (if you did lol)

If your an avgeek why wouldn’t you! Of course I will once I’m in Washington for abit.

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Haha well I don’t know and I don’t like to just assume but I’m glad to hear you did! My eyes will be awatchin for your photo thread. Also are you flying right now?
What’s funny is i live and feed off of aviation spotting photos while I wait for my turn to visit the great airport

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Be careful you don’t get an F-18 taxiing through you ;)

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Or an A380 barreling through the terminal on a collision course with me… I’ll try and be careful ;)


I’m bumping this back up as I began my initial packing spree and ideas for my trip which kicked off Tuesday morning at 8:15 AM. I’ve begun packing my personal item which is free (a lot of people complain about prices but if you know how to pack smartly you can bi-pass those restrictions).
This trip is for one day only, it’s just for fun after I got an outrageously good deal from F9 (using one of their promos) and couldn’t help but jump at it.
Expectvloads of spotting photos and a review of my flight with F9 on the day after I return (So Wednesday 10th)

Departing Airline/Flight Number: Frontier Airlines F9403
Departure Airport: Denver International Airport
Return Airline/Flight Number: Frontier Airlines F9406
Airport Returning From: Los Angeles International Airport
Departure time from KDEN: 8:15 AM
Arrival time into KLAX: 9:56 AM
Departure Time from KLAX: 6:21 PM
Arrival Time into KDEN: 9:59 PM

If anyone has any final spots they would recommend for good spotting/decent meals. I’ll be landing Terminal 3 with Frontier Airlines.
If not, I will leave this post down and crate two spotting threads (One for DIA and one for LAX) and see everyone on Tuesday.

My own photos from KDEN on Feb 14th, 2017! I look forward to adding more :)!

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Completely unbiased as I expect :-P

Also there’s no point making 2 spotting threads. Just split 1 in half :)


And coming back the…?

Coming back May 9th.

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I guess I could post KLAX photos in this thread since it is already LAX contaminated lol and just make one for Denver. That way I don’t have four threads up by next Wednesday when I put up a review of F9.

lol I will do my best to have no bias in there but I mean in what we truly love, there can be no real removal of bias. But I will be sure to post any negativity such as delays, bad FA, etc.

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