Getting ready for KLAX spotting I 3 Days Away

Yah I think your in luck.

TBIT (Tom bradley international terminal)will have alot of international traffic as it is where most non American airlines go

I don’t know how close I can get though

Looking forward to your spotting pics 👍

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I’ll try to live up to your expectations

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Nice to know you have finally made your decision to go to LAX, I thought you scraped the whole spotting trip since you last posted about going to LAX or PBI. Ill be waiting be for your pics as well. Enjoy.

I would go to Imperial Hill, and the In-N-Out if you want some cool pictures. If you have a camera and a lens with about 70mm-200mm zoom, then Imperial Hill would be a great choice as you can get some good closeups such as the one below.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM! :)

Imperial Hill’s great too. Only problem need really high MM lens.


I’ll be the first to admit my photos are not the best (here’s some examples) but I’m hoping to be able to get some sot of good spotting photos for y’all.


Have fun at LAX! Take a look at a spotters guide, it will help you very much!

I’ll do my best. I am not leaving for 23 days but I’ll be sure and have a spotting thread up and running by the time I get there.

If I remember correctly, I believe you can go airside at any Terminal at LAX if you have a valid ticket to fly that day, regardless of the departure Terminal, even if it means you have to leave and be re-screened. I haven’t tried it out myself but from what I’ve read, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll try and dig out a link…

I’m at DIA right now. Waiting too board. 😂

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Haha did you come in from Africa? (Sorry but I thought I remember you were coming inbound transatlantic). If not what flight you headin out on? Airline? Number?

I will have a valid departure ticket with F9 for a departure late evening (I’ll have all morning and afternoon) so who knows. I have heard from several folks it isn’t Spotter firefly like people make it to sound but they also said it’s been a long time since they spotted there so who knows.

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Flying UA712 out of Denver. Was in Denver for a week!

Where ya headed sir?

Back to Sunny South Africa!

I thought you were going back to Africa. What stops ya making? Surely it isn’t a nonstop flight.

I am! South Africa is at the very bottom of Africa. We stopping in IAD. My favourite airport! Then continuing with SAA.