Getting ready for KLAX spotting I 3 Days Away

Hey guys,
So I recently purchased a roundtrip ticket with Frontier Airlines for a flight out to LAX and back (for $72 including everything) and I was curious for those forum pilots who live in the LAX area or who fly through there often or who have gone there, what terminal or area is the best place for spotting.

As you can see, Frontier parks at Terminal 3 and according to this map, it’s right next to the international terminal. Now I don’t want to go through security at all getting into the international terminal, so I was thinking of going into the terminal and hold short in the lobby. Any chance I can get good pics International photos there or do I need to go somewhere else? Or maybe Terminal 3 itself holds good spotting areas?


If you can get out of the airport there’s an In N Out right by it (like really close), and you can get all 24R Arrivals and also when the weather is opposite the departures. I haven’t spotted IN the airport but i’d assume that T3 works well, again because of the 24 runways. I’ve caught some a380’s, 777’s, and others at the In N Out spot.


Alright I’ll check that out. Thanks for the tips mate!

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Here’s some pics (all mine):


That A380 has my eye tearing up…it’s so beautiful! Believe it or not…I have never in my life Seen an A380 in person. So this is a huge Flight for me. Thank you for those photos :) it gives me something to hold onto until I leave.

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Hope you get some good shots!

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On these runways there’s also smaller planes but that a380 is really cool. If it’s low vis don’t worry those pics are great too. The a380 was low vis and it disapears for a great shot.



The one time I’ve been, I went to in-n-out too. Also, when are you going there?

@LAHockey could help I think!

I am leaving May 9th.

Shouldn’t matter than. As you may know, in May 17th there is a massive terminal change there. Frontier is moving to terminal 6 on that date. As long as you leave before, shouldn’t affect you.

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I’m leaving the same day, 6 hours after I land. So I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Also I remember they are changing it but I didn’t think about how frontier would be affected. Cool to see we get Terminal 6 where we can spot 25L and 25R.

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And you can walk to TBIT without having to go through security again. To answer you’re question about TBIT, they won’t even let you out of the main lobby without a ticket. There is small windows on the left and right sides of TBIT that veiw the east side gates on each side. To get to the upper lobby, you need to have a ticket. I tried to get up their, wouldn’t budge, but I guess it’s worth a shot.


I’ll try it but like you said, it sounds like they won’t give in. Worth a shot though. And if it fails I can check out other terminals or just go back and sit in terminal 3 and spot 24.

Also can try to check into security at either T8,7,6 or 5, and walk over to TBIT behind security via the terminal connecters and busses. Means double the security an me a lot of walking, but you get into the TBIT gates. If you go st the right time, traffic shouldn’t be an issue.

lol thanks for tagging me, well I would say Terminals 1,2, and 3. (My Opinion) You see a lot of big planes and some really cool ones.

Yeah I second this one. Great views of arrivals and a nice area to sit there as well.

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Always make sure to check out the international terminal to see stuff like A380s

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Frontier comes into Terminal 3 so maybe I’m in luck?

I plan on doing so, as much as I’m allowed lol.