Getting Ready For 737-800 Sim

Hey IFC,
So I have just booked my first ever session in a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Australia) approved Boeing 737-800 full motion (I believe) flight simulator. I was just wondering, should I do anything apart from a lot of 737-800 flights to prepare for the session?
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Im also flying in a 737 simulator in just under two weeks. Looking foward to it! 😀


If you have a computer sim that has all of the buttons and functions, you can use that. Otherwise, use cockpit posters.

PS. The instructors are almost always super nice! They will be very patient with you. However, I will warn you that on short final, the aircraft will get super heavy. I didn’t expect it on my first 737 sim trip, and a perfect approach turned to a not-so-perfect landing.


No! The 737 in IF will feel nothing like this at all, and won’t help anything.
I’d assume there will be an instructor, and they will help you. It is their job to teach you how to operate the aircraft. I’d say the only thing necessary is a baseline knowledge of Aviation, which I’m sure you have.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience of flying a 737!

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What is the 737 sim anyway

A specialist industrial simulator purpose built for the most realistic experience with a fully immersive and true to life cockpit. One which real pilots initially train in prior to taking the real girls out for a ride.


I don’t have any of that. Apart from my phone, the best I have is liveflight connect. Cockpit photos also cost a lot of money. Thanks for the heads up.

What’s the throttle? Does that stop you?😂

Gift, although I’m planning on being a regular there.

I’d love to have an opportunity like this sometime!

My advice is: revise! Revise the 738s cockpit. It’ll help loads.

Yo bro I’m basically shaking right now at the thought of being in ur position pls pls ENJOY dis moment and WISH u da very best!!!

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How do you book these and do they cost a lot?

Full motion!? Very cool!

I got the opportunity to go in a Stationary Sim, was very fun! Enjoy :)


ur soooooooooooooooooooo lucky!

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Are you just doing one session or actually working towards a type rating in the B737NG ?

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If a Cessna 172 Student Pilot is doing his 73 on Type Rating now, he is well ahead!

I don’t think he is, but you never know @ViperB727!

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I live in Sydney and there are quite a few here, while they may be in a major city, flight sim places are extremely rare.
They cost anywhere between $50 and a few hundred dollars (roughly).

No just one session but hoping to become a regular. I cannot get a type rating as I’m not an adult and still working towards my RPL.

Oh ok, Well with that being said,
If you don’t want to waste your time, and if it is a full motion simulator, I would recommend going over the Boeing FCTM - Flight Crew Training Manual for the B737NG series.
This gives a general overview of procedures in each phase of flight.

A real full motion certified flight sim is mostly used for practicing Non Normal conditions and QRH maneuvers. So if you have time, and want to take the most of it, go over and take a look at the FCOM - Flight Crew Operations Manual - Volume 1 of the B737NG. (BTW- Training only versions of the FCTM and FCOM can be found online )

In any case, don’t go in there to sight-see, at least tray to fly under IMC instrument approaches / procedures. This is kinda odd, where I am from, we don’t usually just pay for a full motion flight sim session, but I guess it’s a great opportunity if you have the chance.

I would really recommend trying out a OEI ( One Engine Inoperative ) take off at V1-Cut, in a Climb limited scenario (hot and high take off) ! This is one of the most challenging maneuvers in a commercial airliner.
Your instructor can probably set one up for ya !